Angels paint with sound & sing with color...

Angels paint with sound & sing with color...

Our Mission

Passion led us here to create sound healing music combined with meditation to inspire and transform the mind, body and spirit one person at a time......


is a Los Angeles native and the co-creator of SONICFUL. Deeply passionate about the healing powers of combining music and over 20 years of energy healing in her Acupuncture wellness practice. With a B.A. in Philosophy from U.C. Davis, and a lifelong yogi, meditation student, teacher and enthusiast, beginning her practice at the age of fourteen. Chandra writes and records all of the meditations, plays the Gong, Native American drums, sings and co-produces the musical meditations. She believes the most powerful medicine is one that works on every layer of your being – making your body vibrant and energetic, your energy clearer and brighter, and your spirit awakened and free.


is a Vancouver transplant adopted by Los Angeles. She is a Classically trained singer, songwriter and composer. Lead singer and co-creator of SONICFUL, Sugarlight Crash and 6 Minute Escape. She is a true lover of music and connecter of the emotional quality of music to the visual imagery of film. From a very young age Michelle has been interested in the healing arts and all things mystical and magical. Using sound in all its forms to heal and inspire is a continual journey of exploration and joy. She loves to share her passion of music and sound with others to find their own way to healing.

One good thing about music,

when it hits you, you feel no pain

~ Bob Marley