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Money, It's A Hit!

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

Money. “It’s a hit,” famously penned by Roger Waters from the iconic band Pink Floyd on “Dark Side of the Moon.” Everyone seems to want more of it, even if you have more than enough of it. Here's the thing about money, It’s so important to raise your level of consciousness and relationship to it past, present and future. Quite possibly you know someone, or maybe you have experienced first hand, how money can have a devastating impact on one's life.

Families have crumbled over it; wars have been won and lost over it, How many times have you heard the phrase, “Money is the root of all evil?” But, what if we could change all of that by connecting our desire for prosperity and money to our BEST and HIGHEST purpose in life? What if you could;

1. Remove subconscious patterns that are blocking your abundance.

2. Release all negative emotions that are holding you back from prosperity.

3. Break karmic money ties handed down to you from generations.

4. Forgive yourself from any financial choices that may have caused suffering.

Each individual’s purpose in life is different, but almost certainly, when seeking out this purpose in a material world, So much of our ego, self worth, and image is directly tied to our relationship with money. Moreover, so many emotions are connected to it, feelings of guilt, shame, frustration, POWER and often times even fear.

Whether you have an abundance of money, or you are looking to create a more prosperous life. It’s so important to realize that, how we create, earn and spend our money is directly related to, how we treat other people, the planet and ourselves.

Tony Robbins describes this level of being, or living, as the dedication of the individual to “CANI” (Constant and Never-Ending Improvement). But what purpose do you dedicate this improvement, or your individual “CANI” to on a daily basis?

For this reason, we have created a prosperity mantra that you can download for free; a powerful tool that you can use to receive clarity on your highest purpose and attain abundance in all aspects of life. The repetition of this mantra helps you to create a new relationship and karma that surrounds any and all abundance you are receiving or wishing to manifest.

By removing subconscious patterns you will notice a subtle shift to prosperity, love, awareness and joy, the ultimate gifts in life! Who says you can't grow and prosper in a mindful way after all?

Transform your relationship with money forever by downloading our FREE Prosperity Mantra.

Happy Manifesting!!

Love and Light,


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