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Magical Moon Manifestation Ritual

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

The Moon Is A Powerful Mistress.

Have you ever looked up at the night sky to see the moon shine in all its majesty? Even more so than the sun, people seem to be drawn into the mysteries of the moon. Just as the moon is able to light up the darkness with ease, even though it has no light of its own, it is possible for us to bring in the light into our lives.

Within native cultures, women’s menstruation have been referred to, as being in one’s moon time, referring to the monthly moon cycle. In most Native cultures, it is considered to be a sacred time, a time of purification, and a sacred releasing of negative energies.

Align with the Energy of the Moon Cycles

Ancient cultures revered the moon. It represented gods and goddesses in various mythologies. For the Romans the moon was referred to as "Luna" while the ancient Greeks called it "Artemis."

The tidal effect of the Moon on Earth is more than twice as strong as that of the Sun, even though the Sun's gravitational pull on Earth is around 178 times stronger than that of the Moon. Since the moon moves around the Earth, it is not always in the same place.

Each day, the times for low and high tides change by 50 minutes. The phases of the Moon affects the cycle of growing things, the movement of animals, the migration of birds, and the breeding season of everything from deer to coral. Even menstruation is triggered by the Moon. The menstrual cycle most often peaks on the evening before the New Moon.

How to Attract the Power of the Moon?

People, especially women, have long had a profound connection to the moon. We crave its guidance and its mystic properties. We feel powerful under it and want to gain energy and strength from her presence.

For centuries women have attracted the mystic power of the moon with the help of powerful tools for transformation such as sage clearing crystals, essential oils, sound healing ceremonies. You can learn more about how sound healing vibrations work to facilitate balance within your mind, body and spirt here, "What you need to know about sound healing."

Manifest Your Dreams

Making magic in the presence and majesty of the moon is your birthright - a personal gift from the Divine. You can use the power of the moon to transform your dreams into reality. And remember, once you have the power to manifest what you want in life your whole world will shift and transcend to elevate your vibrations.

To supercharge your moon ritual Download this FREE Moon Mantra to assist you in aligning with the power of the moon.

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